Rego Inspections

Onsite Rego Inspections in Coffs Harbour

EFI Evolutions offers rego inspection services in Coffs Harbour and surrounding areas. If your car, including LPG vehicles, must pass inspection, bring it to our shop, and our experts will perform quick servicing. Our rego inspections include both pink slips and blue slips.
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Pink Slips

A pink slip is necessary when you need a safety inspection report on your vehicle. It is only possible to get such a document from an authorised inspection station, such as EFI Evolutions. Most pink slip inspections can be done on the spot, while you can wait at our location. If you come on the same day, it may be a slight wait, but you can always book an appointment for later in the week by calling our Coffs Harbour shop.

Think of EFI Evolutions as your one-stop shop for pink slips. With our safety inspection complete, you will have peace of mind knowing that your car is legal to drive on the road in Coffs Harbour and other cities in the country.

Blue Slips

If your car has run out of its registration for more than three months, it means that you will require a blue slip inspection. These blue slips are also necessary if your vehicle is from out of the state or unregistered. The blue slip inspection includes everything in the pink slip, along with a more thorough assessment of your vehicle systems.

Reliable & Quick Inspections

It is never a good idea to let your vehicle go past the dates for inspections, especially if you regularly drive in the area. The best thing you can do is book an appointment with EFI Evolutions. We will assess your car, provide the relevant certification and ensure that you are ready to drive on the road.

You may also require a blue slip if you are buying or selling a vehicle with an expired registration. We can help ensure that all inspections are complete as per state regulations.