Dyno Tuning

Dyno Tuning in Coffs Harbour

EFI Evolutions understands that everyone has their own needs and requirements from their vehicle. Some may want a safe and reliable car that gets them to work each day. But others want to squeeze out the maximum performance from their vehicle, pushing it to the limits in pursuit of higher speed.

Our dyno tuning service helps car enthusiasts achieve performance gains safely and reliably. We do not want you to compromise the safety and longevity of your vehicle for a little extra horsepower, which is why we use AWD 1000 Mainline/DynoLog Chassis Dyno to deliver accurate power measurement, diagnostics and other information regarding your all-wheel drive vehicle.
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What is Dyno Tuning?

A dynamometer is a device that applies a load to the vehicle engine, with the load-simulating of the dyno, mimicking the experiences of a vehicle engine when on the road.

Think about it in this way. If you are sitting at a repair shop with your car, with its wheels off and no resistance on the engine - you would not get any accurate readings. The dyno simulates the experience of being on the road, with all the load that is exerted on the engine during that process. It provides accurate diagnostic information about the RPM, torque, air and fuel ratio, boost pressure and other channels. Such data shows what is possible if the engine is tuned to deliver more torque and horsepower.d.

Why is Dyno Tuning Important?

Many car enthusiasts make the mistake of performing tweaks to the vehicle engine without any proper diagnostics. What happens is anyone’s guess, as the engine could collapse under the weight of what it is being asked to do.

Dyno tuning should ensure that such a negative reaction should not occur. By using the accurate diagnostics we obtain, our technicians can tune your performance vehicle or sports car accordingly. We push the cars to the extreme, without going too far. The result is a fast car that will remain in top condition for a long time.